Títt vatn / Your Water


"Your water" is a work about the globalized food trade, which has hidden its logics of production, transport and consumption. We worked then around the concept of "Virtual water", created by the British researcher John Anthony Allan in 1993, which quantifies the water we consume, analyzing that each food requires a real quantity of water used in its production, conservation and transport. In the video "Your water", we have chosen agricultural products from countries that currently suffer the most severe water crisis of the last century. And even then they have to satisfy global commerce, although in this process they deny little by little the access to water to their own inhabitants.

In God We Trust

This work is an exercise that seeks to make visible, through archival images, the relationship between political discourse and the use of religion as a signifier of power. It has been made in principle, a search in the speeches of prominent politicians, choosing those who name god and have been edited to place them at random, separated by a black transition of a second. When you reproduce it, you get a document that, from reiteration, produces the sensation of meaninglessness. By repeating the video over and over again, it becomes the discourse of an empty policy, an empty faith.

The Pizza Boyacense (False doc)

This short false documentary, explores the relationship between culture and the way people eat, emphasising the appropriation of fast food in Colombia and how it has been fused with Creole foods.


presented at the XVI Zocán de artes plásticas in Duitama Colombia.


Director: David Sebastián Lopez Restrepo.

Assistant director: Sunniva Mortensen

Gastronomic self-portrait


It is a sequence shot of a dinner. A soup filmed from an overhead shot, where the two protagonists talk about everyday life, food, soups, and the relationship between humans and food as a fundamental element in the constitution of identities in a community. The soup that contains what the context provides is the metaphor of the human who changes with his environment, so this video is constituted as a self-portrait of the protagonists.


Presented at the IMAGE IN MOVEMENT exhibition, Colombian Artists in Argentina. in the consulate of Colombia in Buenos Aires. Now it is part of the bank of Colombian artists abroad. 2013

The sandwich artist


This video is the documentation of an intervention to an ideological circuit, a performative action that lasted three months. It was held at the SUBWAY fast food place in Buenos Aires Argentina in 2014.

During three months I was working in a fast food store, writing art in all the sandwiches produced, as a metaphor of the art market. 

9600 art pieces (Sandwiches) where produced and devoured by the audience (Clients)

Cumbia of the migratory ajiaco


The cultural implications of migration, the interstices, the crossings and the fading of the identity characteristics of countries, this video arises from the didactic need to communicate an idea, that of transformation as a product of migration, basically, this video seeks teach in some way to prepare a Colombian food, for which it is difficult to get all the ingredients in different countries of the world, is done to the rhythm of cumbia villera since music as well as gastronomy undergo changes as migrations, I hope that Like and try to prepare a delicious migratory ajiaco, if they do, I would like them to take pictures of their preparation and send them to me, along with the information of the place in the world where they have prepared this dish.


The journey


This video was made with material from my performance "Recipes" made in Buenos Aires at the facilities of the National University of the Arts and in the gallery Cafarena 86.


Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2014.

During the performance I was making and teaching to the audience, how to make Arepas, a traditional dish from Colombia. At the same time I was sharing personal stories from my journeys and my past. 

Ferðafólk (foreigners)


It is a film that explores the imaginary of migrants in everyday situations.


presented at the exhibition 10 minutes, 10 artists. 2014 Arcimboldo Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Director: David Sebastián Lopez Restrepo.

Voice-over: Sunniva Gudmundsdottir Mortensen.

Actor: Carlos Leyton.

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