Through the objects I make, I explore my relationship with the context, particularly from my perspective as a migrant artist, coming from a country with a large history of violence. every object reflects the link between confrontation, politics and everyday life. 

Spindles (Husos) 2017.

This work is an allusion to the left and right wing violent confrontation in Colombia. 

Las Delicias II (The delights II)

this piece is related to the armed conflict in Colombia. Using the name of Las Delicias writed over a banana, and let the banana getting old during the exhibition as a metaphor of the social decomposition in Colombia.

Food Sounder (Sonorizador Alimenticio) 2014.

This work is a dispositive to listen the food that we are eating. 

Nation Narratives. (Narrativas de nación). 2015

This work is a serie of artist books, where colombian constitutions are intervened. Each intervention is related to the history of Colombia.

Las Delicias (the delights) 2015.

Its a serie of plates made with a print of the name "Las Delicias" and different dates. It is related with violent acts happened in small colombian villages named like this. "Las Delicias" means The Delights, thats is just because this work try to make a link between the colombian violence and the double interpretation of the names.

Homeless Project, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2012.

In collaboration with Alejandro O´shea and Geronimo Acero, we made a street version of "the room" of Vincent Van Gogh and we put as an installation in a place were Homeless of Buenos Aires Just sleep frequently.

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